MPA 复习指导 真题讲解 考试大纲 辅导班选课


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  1.The most effective means to solve this problem is that ______________. In that case, ______________.

  2. Everything has its own two sides, no exception with AAA. For one thing, ______________. for another, ______________.

  3. My experience tells me that to ______________ needs a thorough and persevering process, and in this process you had better abide by the principles mentioned above.

  4. On the whole, it is high time that we recognized the significance of ______________.

  5. As a result, we should take some effective methods to ______________.

  6. Judging by the figures, we can draw a conclusion that ______________.

  7. In a word, the whole society should pay close attention to the problem of ______________. Only in this way can ______________ in the future.

  8. In my opinion, we should place much emphasis on the importance of ______________.

  9. But ______________ and ______________ have their own advantages. For example, ______________, while ______________. Comparing those two, however, I prefer to ______________.

  10. In my opinion, ______________ is just as common as ______________. If ______________, it may be very useful. Whatever ______________, the key point lies in ______________.

  11. Are their opinions correct? To my mind, the first idea seems ______________. As for the second idea, ______________.

  12. As a popular saying goes, ______________. In my opinion what really counts is not ______________, but ______________. I believer that as long as ______________, we will ______________. So I am for the opinion that ______________.